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These sexy babes were hanging out looking for some fun. They decided they wanted to have an orgy with a CFNM fan. The women were laughing like crazy at this guy’s cock and having a blast with him. They actually called him after they searched some online dating sites looking for a mate to fuck and suck. I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of women that have this fetish just like these CFNMwave. In fact, if you do, I’d suggest trying to find women like this at They are all over the sites and love hooking up with anyone they can. Some of the women prefer having just one guy but others like to have CFNM gangbangs orgies. The guy ended up fucking some rubber toy for the girls while they laughed at him for an hour. At least, he got to fuck them and eventually cum while they jerked him off. It was awesome!

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A guy? Tied up to a tree in the woods? This is just too rich. CFNM wave models Ginny and Alexa don’t know how or why this guy got here, and he doesn’t seem to know either. He’s so drunk that he can’t remember his name, and there are no possessions nearby either. They decide that it’s a perfect opportunity to practice their CFNMWave handjob skills! They stroke him one at a time, and then together, demanding his feedback if they’re going to let him go. Of course they know they’re doing good when he blows his load all over Alexa’s hand!

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What a poor guy. This sap Jed owes a lot of money to this CFNM wave family, and so in order to pay off his debt quicker he’s agreed to become their full time sex slave. He thought he would just be there to spice things up in the bedroom, but he’s actually been made to hide in the closet and await daughter Sissy’s homecoming. He’s there to be her blowjob training dummy. Over the weeks he can feel her technique improving as she gets tips from her mother and even from the maid! There are worse jobs in the world of CFNMWave, after all.

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It’s been a hard business convention, and after a night at the hotel bar these two babes just want to have a little fun. It seems like all the guys at the CFNM wave convention are lame or ugly, though, so they ask a hotel boy to come up with a room service menu. Wait, they say, we need time to decide. Of course in the end they decide on him. He protests as they rip his clothes off, but not too much. When he goes to rip theirs off, they stop him and sit him down on the couch for a nice and well-given CFNMWave blowjob. He isn’t complaining.

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Kelly brings Alex home after a night on the town together. He struck out with every girl, and she only found lame losers and ugly chuds. So, after a few more drinks, they hook up together. But she has something a little more CFNM wave in mind than a night in bed with Alex. She blindfolds him and sits him down on a chair, then calls all her CFNMWave friends in the apartment building to come down to her place. She informs them she’s going to teach them how to give a real blowjob. Alex moans and bucks under her skills, and when he blows his load, she takes off his blindfold and shows him who was watching. Jealous!

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Rubbing one out at work looking at CFNM wave, Bob? Thought no one would see you with your door shut and locked, huh? Think again. Turns out that these three secretaries from three separate departments have had a crush on you for quite some time, and they’ve chosen this moment as the best time to hold you down and have their way with you, just like on CFNMWave. As they stroke and suck, Bob gets more and more excited, and he doesn’t even notice when Sarah from accounting bends down in front of him to take his cumshot right on her ass!

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These three friends are just hanging out on the couch, waiting for their CFNM wave shoot to begin. Little do they know that it has already begun, and the guy who came in to do sound check is actually their co-star. They take it pretty well when he begins stripping down and stroking his cock in front of them. Lizzy, the one in pink in the middle, gets super turned on when her friend Allie grabs his cock and starts stroking and sucking. They’re ready to strip down and start fucking when he finally blows his load all over the floor. Damnit! Take 2 for the CFNMWave scene!

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Mike owes a little money to CFNM wave model Tiffany, and he’s down on his luck right now. Thankfully, Tiffany is a good friend. She tells him not to worry about the money, she’s got some errands around the house that he can do to make up for it. When he gets there, he realizes just what those errands are. It’s too late to back out, though, as Tiffany wraps her sexy lips around his cock and begins sucking and stroking, driving him all the way to blasting his cum all over her hands. She’s only just begun winning her debt back, though…CFNMWave style!

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It’s laundry time for CFNM wave Hank. He doesn’t much care that there’s a woman in the room. He strips off his shirt and then his pants, revealing his muscles. She’s a little shocked when he takes off his underwear, too, revealing his bulging cock. At first she’s like “put it away!” but when he doesn’t, she starts to get a little intrigued. Wouldn’t that thing feel great inside of her? Mmm. She decides to do a little CFNMWave mouth work first, and then her friends show up to help out. Sadly, it looks like she’ll be sharing this one whether she wants to or not!

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These three police detectives from CFNM wave just don’t trust this guy’s story. Of course, they could try a harsher interrogation technique, but sometimes a little honey works better than vinegar. They strip him down and admire his hard muscles. They ask him to show off the skills he must have, with a body like that. Two of the detectives push the other down onto his cock and she starts sucking. As he grunts and groans, she lays his dick right down on her face, and he blasts his hot jizz all over her. In the calm relaxation of post-orgasm, he spills the beans, and it’s off to the CFNMWave slammer!