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A guy? Tied up to a tree in the woods? This is just too rich. CFNM wave models Ginny and Alexa don’t know how or why this guy got here, and he doesn’t seem to know either. He’s so drunk that he can’t remember his name, and there are no possessions nearby either. They decide that it’s a perfect opportunity to practice their CFNMWave handjob skills! They stroke him one at a time, and then together, demanding his feedback if they’re going to let him go. Of course they know they’re doing good when he blows his load all over Alexa’s hand!

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cfnmwave tugjob
cfnmwave tugjob

What a poor guy. This sap Jed owes a lot of money to this CFNM wave family, and so in order to pay off his debt quicker he’s agreed to become their full time sex slave. He thought he would just be there to spice things up in the bedroom, but he’s actually been made to hide in the closet and await daughter Sissy’s homecoming. He’s there to be her blowjob training dummy. Over the weeks he can feel her technique improving as she gets tips from her mother and even from the maid! There are worse jobs in the world of CFNMWave, after all.

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