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Eve is a good CFNM wave wife. She loves her husband dearly and so is a little distraught when she finds out that her husband had a one-night stand with another woman. Instead of getting angry, though, she decides that this means that there needs to be a little more spice in their love life. She invites over her sexy friends that she knows her husband wants to fuck, and tells him that she’s going to give him a blowjob right there in front of them. They can’t resist him, however, and demand to share his cock. Then he blows right on his wife’s face! A little CFNMWave spice in the relationship is nice!

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Amy and John are co-workers, and they went on a date just a week ago. Now Amy wants to take things to the next level and show John that she’s a wild CFMN wave girl who wants to have fun. So she pulls John into the stairwell at the office and unzips his pants. He doesn’t protest, so she starts sucking him furiously. She’s way too into it to realize that her other co-workers, who also have the hots for John, are filming the whole thing. John is enjoying it too much to say or do anything to the women standing above him, or know they’re from CFNMWave!

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Time for a little CFNM wave role-playing. Bob the salesman is training on how to interact with customers, when the trainer Jamie decides to take things up a notch. She wonders how Bob would react to a customer who got sexual with him. Just how far will Bob go for customer service? What if the customer wants to stroke his cock? What if she wants to taste his cock? His cum? Of course, these aren’t things that a salesman normally should do, but Bob isn’t a normal salesman. He’s willing to go the extra mile to satisfy the CFNMWave customer.

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These three young babes are having a sexy chat on the internet through CFNM wave. They find a few guys, but they’re either ugly or not into what they want to do. Then they find Rob. Rob is about their age and super hot. They ask him to come over, and get really excited when he says yes. Their excitement and nervousness can be seen as he strips off his shorts and displays his massive cock. They poke at it and stroke it, but then Kelly just can’t contain herself any longer and takes him in her mouth, blowing him all the way to orgasm. They invite him over for more heavy CFNMWave action next week!

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It’s just one of the perks of being a woman prison guard from CFNM wave in a men’s prison. Most of the inmates are well built because weightlifting is one of the only things to do, and the men are desperate for any female contact. It’s like a sexual buffet for these women as they single out a super sexy prisoner for a little physical discipline. How long can he withstand their skills and techniques on his cock before he blows? They’ll be sure to find out. It might take multiple tests and trainings, but they’ll turn this inmate into their CFNMWave sex toy yet.

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Julie the store manager ordered a new mannequin from CFNM wave to display all her women’s clothes. The price was a little high, but she knew she was paying for quality. What she didn’t know was that it was the quality of a real man she was paying for. She’s about to dress him up in fine clothes and bring him out front for display when the employees come around back and demand to know if he works like a real man. One “Closed” sign later, and they all begin sucking and stroking him off. Even his cum tastes like a real man’s! Only the best from CFNMWave.

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What a crazy dream for Jim. Three of the hottest women he’s always had the super hots for appear in his bedroom. But they don’t want to fuck. Instead they want him to lay back and relax while they take turns sucking him off, CFNM wave style. Kylie, the cute secretary girl, does most of the work, while the other two girls from the office rub his shoulders and comfort him. He wakes up just as he orgasms into a pillow, realizing it was a dream. But…Kylie’s necklace is nearby. Was it? Only CFNMWave knows.

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It’s been a long week on the road for Mike, and he’s just looking at CFMN wave to rub one out and let off some steam. But it looks like he forgot to put the do not disturb sign on the door, and the hotel maid walks right in on him. Much to his surprise, though, she doesn’t freak out. She’s intrigued. She tells him to continue, and then realizes how long it’s been for her, as well. Of course she joins him before long, stroking and then sucking him, and then sitting right down on top of his hard cock. Hot enough for CFNMWave!

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Jenny’s boyfriend has been a bad, bad boy. Now it’s time to punish him. She invites all her girlfriends over, and tells them to get into their sexiest outfits. Then she carts out her studly boyfriend for all of them to see and feast their CFNM wave eyes on. But they can’t have. That’s part of his punishment. He has to fuck Jenny while all these attractive women watch and try to seduce him away from her. But first, she lays him down on the table and sits down on his face. He has to do a good job there before he can stick his dick in it! That’s the rules of CFNMWave.

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These girls are sick and tired of getting pushed around by their boss all the time. He’s always leering at them, so maybe they’ll give him a little of what he wants. They grab him and push him down and strip off his pants despite his protests, they start rubbing him to orgasm. He wanted all five of them, but not this way. Well, this is the CFNM wave way. Karly even goes down on him, showing him what great blowjob skills she could use on him all the time if only he’d been more gentlemanly about his advances. They make him cum twice, and make sure that he knows it’s the last time he’ll cum with any of them. It’s how CFNMWave girls do things.